About Us

The American Justice Project is dedicated to protecting and promoting the rights of vulnerable American citizens from unfair and unethical practices found within our criminal justice system.  Using a variety of resources, our organization advocates for criminal justice policy reform as well as individuals who have been unjustly targeted by unscrupulous prosecutors and overzealous law enforcement officials in the administration of justice.

In the United States, 44 percent of criminal convictions are the result of prosecutorial misconduct, yet acknowledgement and enforcement of Brady violations on both the state and federal level is a notion which has yet to gain acceptance from judges who have a duty and responsibility to ensure that prosecutors, as ministers of justice, are performing their duties ethically. This includes, but not limited to turning over exculpatory evidence known to the prosecutor which might mitigate or at the least reduce a finding of guilt, as well as afford defendants the right and opportunity to fair judicial processes.

The men and women who are victims of official misconduct know first-hand the damage that a wrongful conviction inflicts on them and their families.  The American Justice Project gives victims of injustice hope that their government will act responsibly, and hold prosecutors accountable for their actions. In the meantime, we will continue to fight for change and a criminal justice system in which American citizens can believe.